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Dave spent 5 years in the US playing baseball and studying to be an Athletic Trainer on an academic and athletic scholarship. His education was interesting because not only did he learn about bio-mechanics and how to improve the efficiency of movements of the body, he also got to implement them in his own baseball training. Over the years Dave has been responsible for on and off field assessments of injuries as well as developing rehabilitation programs for injured athletes of many sports at a University and Professional Level. Throughout his experience Dave has had the opportunity to play and train with Major League Baseball players in all the aspects of sport, including strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility and nutrition.

Dave has learned how to apply his knowledge and experience as an Athletic Trainer to develop training programs for all types of people.  He has held many titles over the years in the industry of training; Personal Trainer, Master Trainer, Optimal Performance Trainer, Elite Trainer, Sport Specific Trainer, Personal Fitness Coach, and Athletic Trainer. They all had similar responsibilities to educate, motivate, guide, and plan for individuals and groups of all ages on aspects of health and fitness.

From professional athletes to young athletes, rehabilitation programs to weight loss programs, Dave has had experience with it all over the last 12 years and is looking forward to the future of helping people improve their quality of life.

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