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About Us

We are about:

  1. STRENGTH  – Properly selected exercises placed into periodized programs will help correct muscle imbalances and decrease risk of injury as you increase your STRENGTH, POWER and SPEED

  2. FUEL – Feed your body for your body type with a customized nutrition plan including proper pre and post nutrition to maximize the benefits of your workout

  3. FLEXIBLILTY – Lengthen your muscle as it has been proven to improve athletic performance, reduce muscle stiffness, reduce risk of injury, increase blood and nutrient flow to tissues, and improve muscle coordination. The greater range of motion a muscle can move through will increase the amount of force it can produce translating into a stronger, faster, more powerful YOU!

  4. FUNCTIONALITY – Full body movements of “non-typical” exercises you see in commercial gyms will help your body understand how to work together and train your energy systems the way they should be trained. There is no sense in having a bunch of muscle that doesn’t function the way you need it to for your sport.

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