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Baseball players are explosive athletes who are involved in quick, powerful movements


  • swinging the bat

  • throwing or pitching

  • first step in the field to a ball

  • first step out of the box

  • pushing off to steal a base

  • leaping to make a catch.


With Peak Performance Training you will learn to move with more SPEED, POWER AND EXPLOSIVNESS than any other program out there.


  1. Increase bat speed for more power and get the ball to jump off the bat

  2. Learn proper running mechanics to increase speed down the line.

  3. Develop lateral quickness to get to those hard to reach ground and fly balls.

  4. Gain flexibility to reach back further to throw and swing harder

  5. Work the proper energy systems for use in baseball.

No Gimmicks or Fad Training Systems!
We use the best baseball training protocols to make YOU a better player!


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